Brig o’ Doon House Hotel is situated in the heart of Alloway and is named after the single arched cobblestone bridge which lays across the River Doon.  The bridge dates back to Medieval times and is a remarkable piece of Scottish History.  The bridge is an attraction for literary tourists, as famous poet Robert Burns featured The Brig o’ Doon in his poem Tam o’ Shanter.  The poem dates back to 1790, and tells a tale through Scottish rhyme of a man who is chased by witches through the woods on horseback.  When Tam o’ Shanter reaches the bridge on his horse Meg, the witches continue to chase him.  However, the bridge is enchanted and built in a way that prevents witches from crossing therefore the horses tail is torn from it’s body by one of the evil witches.

Brig o’ Doon House Hotel is a historic building and fairytale wedding venue by the banks of the River Doon.  It was built in 1829 as a Traveller’s Inn and was originally called The Burns Arms Inn.  The original hotel had seven apartments, stables and a coach house.  The hotel has saw various owners over the years before being bought over in 2022 by The RAD Hotel Group.